Domestic Violence

Legal Advice for Domestic Violence

Do you need Legal help for domestic violence or abuse? In the event that you have been the victim of domestic violence or abuse, we would urge you to firstly contact the police as they will immediately respond and provide you with assistance.

It does not matter whether the abuse is physical, emotional, sexual or psychological or over what period the abusive behaviour occurs, domestic violence is against the law.

When you or a member of your family is suffering from domestic violence or from threatened domestic violence in the home and you need legal advice, then we are here to help.

Legal Aid is available for many people who need legal advice in situations where they have been the victim of domestic violence.

At Elaine Parkes Solicitors we can provide you with the advice you need, whether you just want an initial appointment to discuss your options or whether you need to make an urgent court application for an injunction (a non-molestation order to protect you and/or your children from harm), or an occupation order to ensure your ex-partner does not return to live in your home.

Our specialist team are very experienced with domestic abuse cases and provide expert, reassuring and friendly legal advice whatever your circumstances.

For confidential, friendly advice about domestic violence, call Elaine Parkes Solicitors on 01424 883183